Friday, February 13, 2009

My 3 Months "Summer" Break

Not really summer break... (The uni is an Australian uni ma...) Okay, there were so many things happened over the last 3 months and some yet to be resolved but I will not drain you with the EMO stuffs cos KY told me this - “You must fill people around you with JOY!”.

Here is the JOY (well, my own joy)… After finishing my 1st semester, I called up my ex-boss to check if there is any possibility to work with him again or at least 3 months with the agency. Good enough, Mr. F, one of my colleagues contacted me and I agreed to meet up with him for a short discussion without second thought.

To be exact, 1st Dec 2008 (Monday) @ 10:30am, Mr. A called up when yours truly was still enjoying her beauty sleep. Here’s the conversation…

Mr. A: Morning, WAH…! still sleeping ah?!
Me: Yeah, I have nothing better to do and was out last night with my friends…
Mr. A: Okay, very quick one… I need your particulars - Full name and I/C.
Me: Aiyo Mr. A, you can check all these with HR ma…
Mr. A: Aiyo…. Give me, give me… faster and easier ma… QUICK!
Me: *spelling out my full name*
Mr. A: I/C?
Me: 871013 - ** - ****
Mr. A: Okay, you get ready, maybe you will need to start work on next Monday, report to Mr S. Okay?!
Me: Oh okay… *still blur*
Mr. A: Thanks *hung up*

I wanted to go back to sleep but couldn’t and went online. Once I logged in my MSN, message popped up, it was Mr. S.

Mr. S: Report yourself at office 9am SHAPR!
Me: huh?! For wat?
Mr. S: work la! So see ya tmr, gotta rush out some stuff. Bye!

I stoned for awhile!!! I’m lucky (of course, it is also my hardwork)! A better word would be – EXCITED! Everything just happened so fast! After all, I thought it will be a good way to end the year by getting the 3 months freelance job in my ex-agency and everything started off well. My first day at work was till 12am already…

Some questions I got from people around me: -

Q: Why you love your job?
Q: Why do you want to work in this industry? And it is so tiring and long hours…
Q: Are you a workaholic?

A: Actually, I’ve the love and hate feeling for my job or this industry. I love it and I will come back to this industry in future. There are 2 main reasons:
1. I’m learning everyday and being exposed to different job tasks everyday – my curiosity.
2. Whenever projects/ tasks are done, I felt satisfied after the putting in my precious time and energy. It gives me the sense of achievement and be more independent – my self-esteem.
Workaholic?! Erm… some of you may feel that I am one… but I don’t think so! I believed (and I still do) that it’s my passion for this industry that keep me go on, that’s also why some times I tend to forget about time!!

Q: Why do you want to go back to work instead of you can enjoy your 3 months long holiday?
Q:Why don’t you just go for holiday? Why work?

A: Just like what I’ve mentioned above… I enjoy working in this industry.
Holiday?! No money, no holiday… Simple! I’m not born rich!!
Plus I don’t like to go for holiday with my parents’ money. I think they should go for their holiday themselves and enjoy it. I prefer to earn myself and pay for it. This will make me enjoy it even more and I will feel satisfy and it’s all my effort and it’s PRICELESS!
The reasons why I want to work are very simple:-

  1. My holiday is 3 months long.
  2. To travel for 3 months, I don’t have that money.
  3. I don’t want to waste my time.
  4. I can’t just sit and do nothing but just online and watch TV! You’ll get bored too!
  5. If I go on holiday, I will not stop eating at home! My mum and aunt will stuff me with food! Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper… when I get up at 2pm, I have to finish my breakfast and lunch then continues with tea…! 3 weeks had added 5kg to me, 3 months..?!

Get what I mean now?!

Until today, I’ve only exact 2 weeks left in this agency (I’ll be back to uni again in March)… I’ve always been learning and thanks to the people around me who have been guiding and teaching me in different "ways"...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes, I'm writing!

Well, main reason why I didn't update for so long is because - I'm too lazy and I have nothing to write about. Since I can't really sleep now (it is 4.38 am) might as well update you a lil bout myself.

I’ve actually stayed in this new city for 1 year and 3 months… It wasn’t easy in the beginning but I am very glad that the people (especially de noobs) I know here helped to make life much easier. I can still remember, last year’s birthday was very quiet (and lonely) as I was still new here. I was spending time alone at home watching dvd (it is still not working well till today) in the dark! However, it is totally different this year! I'm officially 21 and had a small BBQ party at home with some of my closest friends here.

What happened b4 the party was Mama Tortoise said: “Make sure you don’t have any alcohol ya?!” I was a lil worried too as Papa Tortoise will be coming too but later on I decided to talk to him bout it and glad that he is cool with it. Papa Tortoise was here and he drank with all of us! =) During the party, we talked and things got a lil emo (ya, I know some of you saw me crying like a baby!). What I can say is our family have been through a lot these years.

A small note to Papa Tortoise:

"You're always my Hero and you will always be..."
Nothing can be compared to what you have sacrificed and done for me.
Nothing can repay what you've gotten for me,
I can only say Thank You and I love you so much...
I hope I'll do you proud ONE day!
You're always my King and I'm your lil princess =)
Lots of love, Your girl =)

Another note to KY, Suanie, my slow-mo, ST, SpongeFox:

You guys really look after me like a younger sister…

I really appreciate it very much, Thanks!

Knowing all of you is a special gift from god.

Each of you has filled me with more laughter, fun, food etc. without fail!

Haha.. you guys also enjoy making fun of me!

(I know I’m slow and blur at times…)

With love, Kura-Kura <3

For others, if I didn’t mention your names here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you guys! I love each and every of you too! =) Thanks for what you’ve done for me and I really appreciate it. You know who you are! If I have to go on, this post will never have an ending! Plus, I don’t want to make this post too emo!

Okay now, you can enjoy some of the pictures! =)


Papa Tortoise & Kura-Kura =)


Kim with Sisi de dog and KY!


Ze Suan with the marinated lamb! =)


SpongeFox busy with d BBQ! Thanks! =)


My looking stressful yet HAWT Lucy Lui! I love you babe!


My lovely classmates =)


The machas! =)

Friday, August 8, 2008

My 1st Day of Class

Wow... as I was typing that title above, I felt so irritated again!

Okay, can you imagine that when you have to travel so far with public transport early in the morning to go to class:

1) Then found out that all of you in the same class were wrongly informed about the class location?!

2) Waited there for the next 45mins while calling to the management office to reconfirm?!

3) No notice was given that class location was changed!

WONDERFUL isn't it?! Never mind... I've more to bitch about!!!

4) After going to the right class, the lecturer just look at us like 1 big group of useless students cos she tought that we skipped her class purposely!!

5) We were all shocked to know that the class actually started 1 week earlier without us knowing?! Very Good! *kiss my ass!*

6) So we practically missed 1st lecture + 45 mins of 2nd lecture!!!!

7)When we all explained it to her, she just said "OH, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS! Well nvm, let's continue with the class... but for you people who came late, what is over is over....where was I just now?!"

8) Without even explain to us what she was doing or what we are about to learn... she just continued her lecturer like we never exist!

9) My programme is a 100% assignment based programme (writen in the brochure & was repeated again and again) but we were all told that we will need to sit for EXAM which carries 50% of our overall score!

How can this be?! RIGHT?!
Left us all in the dark!
DAMN IT! SO fucked up!
I'm so pissed with such situation on MY FIRST DAY!

So what you think bout this "said-to-be a prestigious" college??

P/S: We can't get any replacement class for the lecture we missed!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orientation Day

Before you start reading and trying to judge what I'm gonna tell you is right or wrong... I'll give you 1 pretty sentence - "KISS MY ASS, DARLING!"

Okay, as some of you may know that I've quit my job and will be furthering my studies. Here is what happened when on my very first day when I enter the college for Orientation... Can you imagine that you were informed to attend it at 8am for it but in actual they are starting it only at 930am? To be fair, the registration started at 830am... BUT WHY TELL ME 8am?! Bunch of IDIOTS! YOU MADE ME WOKE UP AT 630am for this SHIT!

Never mind, I went to have breakfast...after going back there, I saw most of the students have a student kit with them. So, I went over to the counter and ask if I can have mine too... The lady asked for my course payment receipt. I don't have it but I told her "Miss, I've already made my payment much earlier and why can't I get mine?" "No, you need to show us your original receipt," she replied. Then, I told her that "I have the receipt number and she could just check at the computer system so I can get it." She replied back the same thing "No, you need to show us your original receipt."

Before the explosion starts, I decided to sit back at my place...! Maybe I'll wait till dad pass me the receipt then maybe I'll set a fire to the admin counter instead! Wat do you think?? Just for 1 piece of paper, I didn't get to collect my student kit and waited for another 1 hr for them to kick start some boring shit.DAMN!! Okay, ANGER aside... It will be better, I told myself.

After awhile things eventually turned out to be better as I met Karen (ex-intern in my ex company) and found out that she will be in the same programme as me. I went over to say Hi and she introduced me to some of her friends (Jackqie, Behonce, Audrey, Denise, Paul, Darren...) Lucky me! :) Yes, They are a bunch of helpful peeps! During lunch break, other new students went along with the campus tour but I didn't. Haha... cos of HUNGER! So, we sat down and started talking while having lunch. These new friends actually made me feel better in this whole new environment.

I'll cut it short... We went back to the Orientation again, got our Student ID and timetable so time to say bye bye cos I didn't want to be stucked there for another 2 hrs' Team Building. It's BORING and I'm sleepy! Know why I say my new friends are helpful?! Before I left, Karen came over and asked "Hey, how are you going home?" I told her I'll be taking the public transport. So, she told me to wait for Jackqie to come first cos she and Darren are familiar with it so maybe all of us can go home together. See, Darren and Jackqie told me which exact bus to take, where it will stop and bla bla bla... It really made travelling to college by public transport a lil easier for me. So, the day ended well, discard the morning session!

Haha... all of us skip the next day Orientation after feeling bit tortured to sit there for hours listening to talks. I don't want to wake up so early too! =)

Stay tune... more bitching stories are on their way! Mwahhh... xoxo!

UPDATE::I just dun bloody understand what's the computer system for in such a college!! So not efficient! What kinda top college you are?! *Name of the College*

Friday, June 27, 2008

KICK 08 - 24 hrs Non-stop Endurance Fitness Kickboxing Challenge

Okay, I'm here to do a personal favour for a friend, Thai Boxing Girl who has been into Kickboxing for sometime... This time, she and her other 7 mates are so determined to set a Malaysian Book of Records at least and to RAISE some fund for Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Please give them your warmest support and/or help to raise the fund.

Below is a note from Thai Boxing Girl:

Dear Friends,

This August, me and my team-mate - 8 females, will be attempting a 24 hours non-stop endurance fitness kickboxing challenge for entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (MBOR) and possibly the GUINNESS World Book of Records, to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

The event is K!CK! 2008, formerly known as the "Jak Othman Kickboxing Challenge", a community-driven initiative spear-headed by the sole-proprietor establishment Jak Othman Kickboxing Studio introduced in 2004.

Objective is to to educate the public, especially our youths and ladies, the importance of engaging in intriguing and fun sports, such as fitness kickboxing, for a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle, while learning an effective self-defence technique.

Our team is made up of our youngest member, a 13 Secondary One student to our oldest member, a 30 years old working Mother (ME!!!), to challenge the 'impossible mission' of executing 57,200 kicks within 24 hours (average of 40 kicks/min) to break a new record in the books.

While, we, the determined and sporty ladies are pushing our physical limits and mental strengths to a new level, we are also targeting to raise RM25,000 for Breast Cancer Welfare Association, our Official Beneficiary, in support of its advocacy work.

As such, I would like to request for your support (media, corporate, or individual), via the following:

1. Pledge-A-Kick - Pledge RM10 for every kick our team-members will be kicking!

2. Public donation at event - one will receive a "KICK START" guidebook that provides basic crime awareness tips and defence techniques illustration for quick releases from offenders.

3. Pre-event media coverage to create awareness amongst the public and drive crowd to the event on:

Date: 29th & 30th August 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 10am (29th Aug) to 2pm (30th Aug)
Venue: To be confirmed

Proposed Interview Angle:

An inspirational article to motivate youths and females to persevere in times of challenges, be it personal or professional, as well as creating awareness for Kickboxing as a form of effective self-defence sport.

On behalf of my team, we hope we can receive kind assistance from everyone to contribute to this charitable cause.

For further information and assistance, please contact me at

Thank you.
Thai Boxing Mama


I'll further update you guys on this if there is any further details changes or you can click here.


Picture of the Kickboxing girls who's gonna kick the ass! =)