Friday, February 13, 2009

My 3 Months "Summer" Break

Not really summer break... (The uni is an Australian uni ma...) Okay, there were so many things happened over the last 3 months and some yet to be resolved but I will not drain you with the EMO stuffs cos KY told me this - “You must fill people around you with JOY!”.

Here is the JOY (well, my own joy)… After finishing my 1st semester, I called up my ex-boss to check if there is any possibility to work with him again or at least 3 months with the agency. Good enough, Mr. F, one of my colleagues contacted me and I agreed to meet up with him for a short discussion without second thought.

To be exact, 1st Dec 2008 (Monday) @ 10:30am, Mr. A called up when yours truly was still enjoying her beauty sleep. Here’s the conversation…

Mr. A: Morning, WAH…! still sleeping ah?!
Me: Yeah, I have nothing better to do and was out last night with my friends…
Mr. A: Okay, very quick one… I need your particulars - Full name and I/C.
Me: Aiyo Mr. A, you can check all these with HR ma…
Mr. A: Aiyo…. Give me, give me… faster and easier ma… QUICK!
Me: *spelling out my full name*
Mr. A: I/C?
Me: 871013 - ** - ****
Mr. A: Okay, you get ready, maybe you will need to start work on next Monday, report to Mr S. Okay?!
Me: Oh okay… *still blur*
Mr. A: Thanks *hung up*

I wanted to go back to sleep but couldn’t and went online. Once I logged in my MSN, message popped up, it was Mr. S.

Mr. S: Report yourself at office 9am SHAPR!
Me: huh?! For wat?
Mr. S: work la! So see ya tmr, gotta rush out some stuff. Bye!

I stoned for awhile!!! I’m lucky (of course, it is also my hardwork)! A better word would be – EXCITED! Everything just happened so fast! After all, I thought it will be a good way to end the year by getting the 3 months freelance job in my ex-agency and everything started off well. My first day at work was till 12am already…

Some questions I got from people around me: -

Q: Why you love your job?
Q: Why do you want to work in this industry? And it is so tiring and long hours…
Q: Are you a workaholic?

A: Actually, I’ve the love and hate feeling for my job or this industry. I love it and I will come back to this industry in future. There are 2 main reasons:
1. I’m learning everyday and being exposed to different job tasks everyday – my curiosity.
2. Whenever projects/ tasks are done, I felt satisfied after the putting in my precious time and energy. It gives me the sense of achievement and be more independent – my self-esteem.
Workaholic?! Erm… some of you may feel that I am one… but I don’t think so! I believed (and I still do) that it’s my passion for this industry that keep me go on, that’s also why some times I tend to forget about time!!

Q: Why do you want to go back to work instead of you can enjoy your 3 months long holiday?
Q:Why don’t you just go for holiday? Why work?

A: Just like what I’ve mentioned above… I enjoy working in this industry.
Holiday?! No money, no holiday… Simple! I’m not born rich!!
Plus I don’t like to go for holiday with my parents’ money. I think they should go for their holiday themselves and enjoy it. I prefer to earn myself and pay for it. This will make me enjoy it even more and I will feel satisfy and it’s all my effort and it’s PRICELESS!
The reasons why I want to work are very simple:-

  1. My holiday is 3 months long.
  2. To travel for 3 months, I don’t have that money.
  3. I don’t want to waste my time.
  4. I can’t just sit and do nothing but just online and watch TV! You’ll get bored too!
  5. If I go on holiday, I will not stop eating at home! My mum and aunt will stuff me with food! Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper… when I get up at 2pm, I have to finish my breakfast and lunch then continues with tea…! 3 weeks had added 5kg to me, 3 months..?!

Get what I mean now?!

Until today, I’ve only exact 2 weeks left in this agency (I’ll be back to uni again in March)… I’ve always been learning and thanks to the people around me who have been guiding and teaching me in different "ways"...


KY said...

3 months without work = really big kura. hahahha

vialentino said...

3 months break....measure floor?

Rachying said...

KY: Yeah, if that happen then I better jump... but luckily I got a job!!

vialentino: measure floor?! wat u mean? I'm working, Friday is my last day and back to student life on Monday!

Anonymous said...
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