Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes, I'm writing!

Well, main reason why I didn't update for so long is because - I'm too lazy and I have nothing to write about. Since I can't really sleep now (it is 4.38 am) might as well update you a lil bout myself.

I’ve actually stayed in this new city for 1 year and 3 months… It wasn’t easy in the beginning but I am very glad that the people (especially de noobs) I know here helped to make life much easier. I can still remember, last year’s birthday was very quiet (and lonely) as I was still new here. I was spending time alone at home watching dvd (it is still not working well till today) in the dark! However, it is totally different this year! I'm officially 21 and had a small BBQ party at home with some of my closest friends here.

What happened b4 the party was Mama Tortoise said: “Make sure you don’t have any alcohol ya?!” I was a lil worried too as Papa Tortoise will be coming too but later on I decided to talk to him bout it and glad that he is cool with it. Papa Tortoise was here and he drank with all of us! =) During the party, we talked and things got a lil emo (ya, I know some of you saw me crying like a baby!). What I can say is our family have been through a lot these years.

A small note to Papa Tortoise:

"You're always my Hero and you will always be..."
Nothing can be compared to what you have sacrificed and done for me.
Nothing can repay what you've gotten for me,
I can only say Thank You and I love you so much...
I hope I'll do you proud ONE day!
You're always my King and I'm your lil princess =)
Lots of love, Your girl =)

Another note to KY, Suanie, my slow-mo, ST, SpongeFox:

You guys really look after me like a younger sister…

I really appreciate it very much, Thanks!

Knowing all of you is a special gift from god.

Each of you has filled me with more laughter, fun, food etc. without fail!

Haha.. you guys also enjoy making fun of me!

(I know I’m slow and blur at times…)

With love, Kura-Kura <3

For others, if I didn’t mention your names here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you guys! I love each and every of you too! =) Thanks for what you’ve done for me and I really appreciate it. You know who you are! If I have to go on, this post will never have an ending! Plus, I don’t want to make this post too emo!

Okay now, you can enjoy some of the pictures! =)


Papa Tortoise & Kura-Kura =)


Kim with Sisi de dog and KY!


Ze Suan with the marinated lamb! =)


SpongeFox busy with d BBQ! Thanks! =)


My looking stressful yet HAWT Lucy Lui! I love you babe!


My lovely classmates =)


The machas! =)

Friday, August 8, 2008

My 1st Day of Class

Wow... as I was typing that title above, I felt so irritated again!

Okay, can you imagine that when you have to travel so far with public transport early in the morning to go to class:

1) Then found out that all of you in the same class were wrongly informed about the class location?!

2) Waited there for the next 45mins while calling to the management office to reconfirm?!

3) No notice was given that class location was changed!

WONDERFUL isn't it?! Never mind... I've more to bitch about!!!

4) After going to the right class, the lecturer just look at us like 1 big group of useless students cos she tought that we skipped her class purposely!!

5) We were all shocked to know that the class actually started 1 week earlier without us knowing?! Very Good! *kiss my ass!*

6) So we practically missed 1st lecture + 45 mins of 2nd lecture!!!!

7)When we all explained it to her, she just said "OH, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS! Well nvm, let's continue with the class... but for you people who came late, what is over is over....where was I just now?!"

8) Without even explain to us what she was doing or what we are about to learn... she just continued her lecturer like we never exist!

9) My programme is a 100% assignment based programme (writen in the brochure & was repeated again and again) but we were all told that we will need to sit for EXAM which carries 50% of our overall score!

How can this be?! RIGHT?!
Left us all in the dark!
DAMN IT! SO fucked up!
I'm so pissed with such situation on MY FIRST DAY!

So what you think bout this "said-to-be a prestigious" college??

P/S: We can't get any replacement class for the lecture we missed!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orientation Day

Before you start reading and trying to judge what I'm gonna tell you is right or wrong... I'll give you 1 pretty sentence - "KISS MY ASS, DARLING!"

Okay, as some of you may know that I've quit my job and will be furthering my studies. Here is what happened when on my very first day when I enter the college for Orientation... Can you imagine that you were informed to attend it at 8am for it but in actual they are starting it only at 930am? To be fair, the registration started at 830am... BUT WHY TELL ME 8am?! Bunch of IDIOTS! YOU MADE ME WOKE UP AT 630am for this SHIT!

Never mind, I went to have breakfast...after going back there, I saw most of the students have a student kit with them. So, I went over to the counter and ask if I can have mine too... The lady asked for my course payment receipt. I don't have it but I told her "Miss, I've already made my payment much earlier and why can't I get mine?" "No, you need to show us your original receipt," she replied. Then, I told her that "I have the receipt number and she could just check at the computer system so I can get it." She replied back the same thing "No, you need to show us your original receipt."

Before the explosion starts, I decided to sit back at my place...! Maybe I'll wait till dad pass me the receipt then maybe I'll set a fire to the admin counter instead! Wat do you think?? Just for 1 piece of paper, I didn't get to collect my student kit and waited for another 1 hr for them to kick start some boring shit.DAMN!! Okay, ANGER aside... It will be better, I told myself.

After awhile things eventually turned out to be better as I met Karen (ex-intern in my ex company) and found out that she will be in the same programme as me. I went over to say Hi and she introduced me to some of her friends (Jackqie, Behonce, Audrey, Denise, Paul, Darren...) Lucky me! :) Yes, They are a bunch of helpful peeps! During lunch break, other new students went along with the campus tour but I didn't. Haha... cos of HUNGER! So, we sat down and started talking while having lunch. These new friends actually made me feel better in this whole new environment.

I'll cut it short... We went back to the Orientation again, got our Student ID and timetable so time to say bye bye cos I didn't want to be stucked there for another 2 hrs' Team Building. It's BORING and I'm sleepy! Know why I say my new friends are helpful?! Before I left, Karen came over and asked "Hey, how are you going home?" I told her I'll be taking the public transport. So, she told me to wait for Jackqie to come first cos she and Darren are familiar with it so maybe all of us can go home together. See, Darren and Jackqie told me which exact bus to take, where it will stop and bla bla bla... It really made travelling to college by public transport a lil easier for me. So, the day ended well, discard the morning session!

Haha... all of us skip the next day Orientation after feeling bit tortured to sit there for hours listening to talks. I don't want to wake up so early too! =)

Stay tune... more bitching stories are on their way! Mwahhh... xoxo!

UPDATE::I just dun bloody understand what's the computer system for in such a college!! So not efficient! What kinda top college you are?! *Name of the College*

Friday, June 27, 2008

KICK 08 - 24 hrs Non-stop Endurance Fitness Kickboxing Challenge

Okay, I'm here to do a personal favour for a friend, Thai Boxing Girl who has been into Kickboxing for sometime... This time, she and her other 7 mates are so determined to set a Malaysian Book of Records at least and to RAISE some fund for Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Please give them your warmest support and/or help to raise the fund.

Below is a note from Thai Boxing Girl:

Dear Friends,

This August, me and my team-mate - 8 females, will be attempting a 24 hours non-stop endurance fitness kickboxing challenge for entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (MBOR) and possibly the GUINNESS World Book of Records, to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

The event is K!CK! 2008, formerly known as the "Jak Othman Kickboxing Challenge", a community-driven initiative spear-headed by the sole-proprietor establishment Jak Othman Kickboxing Studio introduced in 2004.

Objective is to to educate the public, especially our youths and ladies, the importance of engaging in intriguing and fun sports, such as fitness kickboxing, for a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle, while learning an effective self-defence technique.

Our team is made up of our youngest member, a 13 Secondary One student to our oldest member, a 30 years old working Mother (ME!!!), to challenge the 'impossible mission' of executing 57,200 kicks within 24 hours (average of 40 kicks/min) to break a new record in the books.

While, we, the determined and sporty ladies are pushing our physical limits and mental strengths to a new level, we are also targeting to raise RM25,000 for Breast Cancer Welfare Association, our Official Beneficiary, in support of its advocacy work.

As such, I would like to request for your support (media, corporate, or individual), via the following:

1. Pledge-A-Kick - Pledge RM10 for every kick our team-members will be kicking!

2. Public donation at event - one will receive a "KICK START" guidebook that provides basic crime awareness tips and defence techniques illustration for quick releases from offenders.

3. Pre-event media coverage to create awareness amongst the public and drive crowd to the event on:

Date: 29th & 30th August 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 10am (29th Aug) to 2pm (30th Aug)
Venue: To be confirmed

Proposed Interview Angle:

An inspirational article to motivate youths and females to persevere in times of challenges, be it personal or professional, as well as creating awareness for Kickboxing as a form of effective self-defence sport.

On behalf of my team, we hope we can receive kind assistance from everyone to contribute to this charitable cause.

For further information and assistance, please contact me at

Thank you.
Thai Boxing Mama


I'll further update you guys on this if there is any further details changes or you can click here.


Picture of the Kickboxing girls who's gonna kick the ass! =)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the Dark Alley

“Hey, ready? What you doing there?! Come here!”

“Wait, wait, wait!! Do we have to do this? Are you serious?”

“Don’t worry, I promise you’ll enjoy it and just relax, okay?”

“Really? But where are we going? And…”

“Jeees…! Just come with me!”

Suspicious stare from the moonlight and the clouds were whispering. Suddenly, a dark shadow passes by. Footsteps stopped and heartbeats getting louder than ever.

“What now?!” said an impatient voice.

“GOSH! Did you see that?”


“Something just passed by…” pointing to the opposite direction.

“Stop it! This is not funny… just stop freaking me out.”

“It’s a GORILLA!! I wonder where did it come from… who you think it is?”

“CUT!! What’s with the Gorilla?!” said the director with a serious face.

Everyone broke into laughter as they looked behind.

More updates soon on Nuffnang Wild "Live" Party with Maxis Broadband! See how everyone got so WILD!! =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corbis Futsal Cup 2008

Usually during weekends, I will just spend my time watching DVDs at home... ya, I'm so lazy that I will just tar pau some food nearby and eat in front of the TV set (very sad huh?! I don't think so...). Last Saturday was a lil bit different! I went to Corbis Futsal Cup 2008 - an inter agency futsal competition by Corbis at Sports Planet, Subang Grand... AT 8.30AM!! Well, just to give "Some Playing Futball Dudes" a lil support.

The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" getting ready

The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" + 1 more on the way - before the battle

This is my 1st time attending this event and it's also the first time "Some Playing Futball Dudes" joined this competition. I was kinda surprised that quite a number of people were already in their "army" suits and preparing to start the "battle".
There were a total of 24 teams will be down to the battleground!! Semangat-nya! :D


Met this bubbly girl, Alison from Corbis. She came over to say "Hi", told us to get ourselves registered and wish the team good luck!! Upon registration, each and every of us will get a goodie bag... My breakfast - a pack of Cheezels from the goodie bag...
(p/s: Will update you what's in the goodie bag!)

Soldiers from different "clans" gathered together for briefing session

Briefing session with the referees

Around 10.00AM, the game got started after the briefing session with the referees.
"Some Playing Futball Dudes" started their battle with "Ogilvy FC"- Netherlands. It was a very fast game and being the newbies, the boys got a lil "kan cheong" (panic attack) ... Ogilvy FC won with 2 - 0.

"Eh! Where is the bola?! Where?"

"Taaadahhh! See I got the ball! *kick*

While waiting for the 2nd game, the "Commander" came. "So how, boys?!" ask the Commander. His question was answered with smiles from the boys. "Well, fair enough. It's the 1st time and you guys need to start planning and get prepared for next year." "Yes, Sir!" answered the dudes.

The "Commander" & "Some Playing Futball Dudes" watching other teams battling

The battle continued and "Some Playing Futball Dudes" VS "LBFC". The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" labeled "LBFC as das Deutschland as they are kinda strong team. Same like Ogilvy FC, they have been training as a team consistently... In the end, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" lost to "LBFC" das Deutschland by 3 - 0. The dudes will need to catch up and get the balls kicking.

Hahhh... you wanna score goal? I wanna block you!! :)

Hahaha... Resting or getting ready to kick their balls?! ;P

Observing and waiting for their last round against "The Misfits"

Last but not least, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" VS "The Misfits" le France. Well after losing the first 2 games, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" finally went in with "TODAY WE'LL DIE IN HELL" spirit - from the movie 300. Hahaha... well seriously, they played better and won by 2 - 0.

The dudes playing some strategies to keep the enemy away!

"Wahhh!! Don't pray pray!! We need to score more goals... Now 1 jug not enough!!"

After the the battle to qualify, here come the Cheerleading performance by O&M. Hehe.. Talk less, let the pictures tell you the story... Use your imagination too... Blek!

The O&M Cheerleaders & Ogilvy FC dudes

"1, 2, 3, 4...C'mon and shake with me!" :D

"Come let's make some shape and make them scream!" lolx

Pose, Pose & pose!!! weeee!

After finish watching the qualifying round, I felt hungry still after eating the lunchbox provided, plus a bit sleepy (major factor)... So left around 2ish while others stayed and waited for the result. Saya nak balik tido! (I wanna go home to sleep!)

Buh-bye! :) hehe... no picture of me cos I was the one and only photographer they have!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Present from Princess Steph K

Remember the post about Hennessy Artistry Party @ Aloha??
I mentioned that our lovely Princess Steph K gave me a special present...
So now I'm gonna show you what I got from her....


Taaaa DAaahhh.....


A cut and bruise on my hip! I didn't realise it on that night itself and I thought it was just a knock on the edge of the sink...But when I woke up the next morning... I felt how come I got this on my hip....I was like "WTF?? One knock like that can cause a cut!" =(
Well, Steph is okay... I don't blame you but I have a scar to remember you =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's My L.U.C.K.Y Day!

Over the weekend, I have so much thoughts running through my mind lately...
I hate the fact that I'm too free, got nothing else better to do... That's when all the thoughts come! Too much until I started questioning myself, have doubts on my own capabilities and decision. I hate to make decision cos I'm afraid that it might go wrong and it may not turn out in the way I wanted it to be.
If you do read this blog, you will know that I'm beginning my studies by end of July...
After 2 years, where will I be? Kick start my career in an agency / company and achieve what I want in life? or just go on like everybody else like "You will have to work for the rest of your life".

Well, long way to go... I dun wanna think about it anymore now because until the end of today, I'm still a happy and lucky girl cos I know there I will always have people who really cares for me.

  1. Mummy msged me and give me the support and encourage me... Thanks, Mummy!
  2. Received a call from my very close + good buddy who came all the way from Singapore to look for me during lunch, chit-chat a lil.
  3. After lunch, another friend of mine heard that I'm sad earlier, he sent me an "Ice-Cream Day" e-greeting card to cheer me up!!
  4. Then, it is another surprise call from my lovely cousin came down from Genting to see me and we had a fabulous dinner!
  5. Before I got yo reach home, I got a call from my group of babis to go yam cha at William's.
Don't you feel that I'm very lucky today?! I'm so glad that I always have these people around me, especially mummy!! I love all of them and of course others who really gave me the support when I in need of it! I appreciate all of you! It is very hard for me to express it in words but deep down my heart "I really love you all!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to You

Just a very short note to someone special:

Dear You,

Even you are now miles away and I knew you may not read this but still I wanna say these to you!

“Happy Birthday to you”


"I love you always!"

In my heart, you are always special to me and I miss you so much. I know that I’m always against whatever you said and I fought and yelled. That moment, I was just standing for myself and I hate it so much when we fight! Even you knew that most of the time I will just ignore watever you said but you will always remind me. Most important thing, you always stand by me!

When I’m stressed out or sad, you are the only one now I can cry to and scream out everything I kept inside. You will listen and give me some pointers as my guide to move on strongly. Till today, I realized that how much I miss you and care for you… It makes me feel so sorry for my previous act. I’m sorry for what I did to you. I wanna thank you for everything you’ve done for me! Wo hen ai ni ("I love you very much" in chinese)! Mwahhh…. Thanks for every thing!

From, your little girl with lots of love =)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art of Mixing @ Aloha

Yes! I attended the Hennessy Artistry Tour 2008 at Aloha last Saturday, 31st May. This is the 2nd Hennessy Artistry Global Tour I went in Year 2008, this event was previously held at Zouk on 18th April. Thanks for the VIP invites from Nicholas of Nuffnang! All the noobs had fun there!

On that night, they had Pamela (from Amazing Race Asia Season 2) as MC of the night. Of course, PointBlanc was first to kick of the party followed by Bangkok Invaders and VJ Callen. Personally, Bangkok Invaders was my favourite of the night (I still have a lil support for the locals!). They really rock!!! A little about my last visit to Bangkok, I was there when Bangkok Invaders was performing at this club called Route66, RCA! I enjoyed it so much... like Happy Feet?! Hahaha... It just like adrenaline rush, suddenly you became so hyperactive and can't stop moving!!

Other than the performance, of course there were whole bunch of us there together up at the 3rd floor enjoying the free flow Hennessy City Cocktails - Miami, Shanghai, Paris, Moscow. Here are the pictures from various people! Enjoy!

Michael, Steph, KY, Me, Steph Kok, Simon

Us with PointBlanc

Me, KY, Nicholas, Dree

Camwhores with Fugly Ugly faces :)

Me, Nicholas & Steph + Michael de Guang Kong (super red face) behind!! ;)

** A reminder from KY, Thanks!

On that night, since it was a free flow of course all of us enjoyed it to the fullest... I could say that Steph K enjoyed it the M-O-S-T ;) Okay, to be fair she was there early than most of us and some of our friends (Mummy taught us not to take strangers drinks) kept bringing back more drinks for everyone...
After a while, Steph came to me a few times and told me "I'm so H-I-G-H now! Hahaha...". Later on I went to the ladies, Steph was in there. "Hey!" coming to give a hug but she just went down suddenly!!

I got special treatment from our lovely Princess Steph... ;)
Guess wat it is?

P/s: KY, you're not allowed to guess cos you knew the answer!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Mini Escape No.2

UPDATES For "My Mini Escape" post::

Lol... I didn't manage to get much opinion from people (cos i'm not famous) but I did some research and also a bit planning for myself recently. So below are wat I came up with... Still undecided as many dates are not confirmed...

1. Redang Island? Lang Tengah Island? Perhentian Island?
- I haven't decide which island to go yet
- Still looking for budget package
- Waiting for my girlfriend's reply (she is still stuck in Paris!)
- Still at the mid of discussion with my girlfriend

UPDATE: the girlfriend can't make it... Neeeehhhh!! :( Anyone wants to go?!

2. Cambodia?
- A friend is there and he agreed to let me stay in his apartment (1 extra room which is EMPTY)
- Got a few friends there
- An oversea trip for sight-seeing... save money, dun have to spend so much.

3. Vietnam?
- Still waiting for a confirmation from a girlfriend :)

Where shall I head to?! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Insect Eating Mission - Accomplished!

When I was at Bangkok, we had great bargain shopping and fun trip but I missed The Insect Eating Mission!! (okay, I know there is no update on my Bangkok Trip cos I dun really know where to start!) I was kinda disappointed actually and complaint to KY. He laughed and called me "no0b" for not trying it! Ya, evil BUT he came up with an idea to have a insects cookout session at home after that (Kim also complaint that he didn't bring some back for her)!!! I was so excited and bugged him to do it fast! Lucky me and Kim! NOW WE HAVE THE CHANCE :D

On this simple afternoon called "twenty-4 may I eat you?!"

"Jom, let's pergi shopping!" said KY.
"HUH??! I'm going Pavilion la.." I replied.
"We need to buy the ingredients and insects! Later they are coming d." the KY said.
The M-A-G-I-C word - INSECTS! Instantly, I called my uncle to cancel our appointment! :)
I was also told that Kim, Su Ann, Terrence, Sammy, Dree, ST and spongeFox are coming at 5pm.

After my shower, we left home and got some ingredients (spice, cucumber, pepper etc) at Gaint then to "Aquarium Wang Wang" at Sunway to pick up the VVIPs - worms & crikets. Syok-nya, in the same car with VVIPs!! Lol :D

Okay, talk less crap, here is our fehmes video took!

That special dish, seriously Yummy! We are all happy people!;) For more pictures, click here.

EDIT:: I'm still waiting for KY to pass me the video where I ate the worms and crickets RAW!! Will update!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Mini Escape

This has been in my mind since few months back but till now I haven't got an answer to it. Where shall I go for "My Mini Escape" trip in July before I'm back to books?

What's in my mind:

  1. Malaysia or countries nearby
  2. Island + Beach, preferably
  3. I want to be out of the city
  4. I don't have to rush, do whatever I want
  5. Safe to go alone or 2-3 friends, small group
  6. Duration: 2-3 nights stay
  7. Budget trip (max RM600.)
** I'll update it if there is more thoughts.

EDIT:: I've been to Pulau Pangkor, Langkawi...

Feel free to leave down your comments and list down the place I should go (+ why I should go there?)

Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Everybody!

From Wordpress I migrated to Blogspot...
(so i can make use of my Nuffnang ma...)

I know this page looks bit too simple and dull...

I will work on this and will update soon!

Las week was very much holiday mood still...

I really miss Bangkok!

Now back to work also a bit like kura-kura...

(What m i talking about?! I'm wat.. ;))

Please be patient... :)

Bare with me okay?!

I luv <3 you all :)


Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying off to Bangkok!

Elo people!!! I'm so excited for tomorrow's Bangkok Trip!

I'm gonna get my 1st passport chopped officially!!

Got my stuff packed!

Changed Thai Bht!

Ready to go for a shopping spree, night life and yummy food!!! *yum yum*

I'm super happy!!!!


When I'm back home, shall update this blog with more pictures!!

Love you people.... mwahhhh!!

Hopefully I won't get conned...

Baby Tortoise went to Pahang

Last week was really hectic... my life was on the roller coaster!! So many things happened together but now I feel a lil bit better after a trip to Pahang with the n00Bs and went back to hometown *home sweet home* for my weekend.

Previously, all my n00bs and I were planning for a day trip to somewhere near just to chill during May 1st, Labour Day since our Phuket trip is no longer on. Few week before, Suanie did suggest that all of us can make a trip to Kuala Gandah's Elephant Sanctuary (suggested by Happy Yen da happy hiking guide) however not much of the n00bs can make it so it was postponed till last Thursday.

All of us woke up early and started our trip with Dim Sum nearby. A trip with these n00bs will never be boring, the fun and laughter just won't stop.

N00bs makan Dim Sum with blurry face... ;)

Look at KY's n00b face!! Love Sammy's shirt... :D

After breakfast, all 9 n00Bs drove down to Pahang. Our first destination was Chamang Waterfall. Our first impression to it was "WOOW! It beautiful!" Okay, at least it was for me... All the n00bs got down and climb up to have a better view of the waterfall... The waterfall's flow was heavy and quick, there was a warning sign saying "DANGER! Do not swim!" Many families were there with us at Chamang Waterfall too... The water was so cold even with the hot and humid climax lately.

Beautiful Chamang Waterfall... Baby Tortoise likey :)

Visitors and the n00bs at Chamang Waterfall

N00bs Dree, Kim and me hiding while crossing the hanging bridge...

Look at Dree... Nescafe Panas;) lol!

[Left to Right] Kim, Me, Sammy :)

Around 11.30am, we say goodbye to Chamang Waterfall and head towards Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. It was a bit disappointing for not making it as the first 100 visitors else we could have the chance to ride and bath with the baby elephants! ! Since we were there already so might as well just walk around and have a look. We saw 2 baby elephants on our way to the performance site. Snap, snap a lil and Kim complaint about the hot weather. All the n00bs then go for refreshment (ice cream, drinks etc). What's amazing was we had music as our company as Suanie brought along her mini USB speaker. Other passerby were wondering where the music came from as we were singing ;D Haha... jealous and envy! It was really hot! After awhile we decided to skip the elephant show and moved on with Deerland. We will visit the elephants again next time since it's not too far away from KL. :D

The baby elephant stick out its trunk... for more attention?

Pre-performance actions?! or something else.... ;)

The elephants doing their own things...

All the n00bs who went... [Clockwise] Chris, Sammy, KY, Dree, ST, Suanie, Kim, Carol, Me ;)

When the n00bs were bored... Walking off after some ice cream :)

So off we go to the Deerland nearby. There we saw some other animals other than deers. Started off with deer feeding (they eat sweet potatoes! didn't know that before). Then the hedgehog, it was only 3 months old according to our guide. We saw sugar gliders, some beautiful birds, Mr. Moose who don't give a damn bout us, rabbits, baby honey bear, ostriches etc. The guide asked to follow him to see Muda, the bigger honey bear as it's his makan-ing (feeding) time. Muda loves sweet keropok (crackers). He will just lay down and relax his meal. The guide allowed us to go near Muda and fed him. First thing most of the n00bs noticed was the bear has a tiny wiener!!! Hahaha... i will show some pictures, you see yourself! :D

Sugar glider & Hedgehog... cute right?! :)

My deer trying to kiss me!!! or in another way? :)

The ostriches are strong! Remember to hold the it tight when you feed them!!

TaaaDaahh... This is Muda da bear laying down enjoy his crackers... notice the tiny winy wiener?! LOL ;D

Ok Byez to Deerland :) we will remember you MUDA!

Look at Kim!!! What pose you're trying to do? ;)

It was still early to go home when the Deerland trip ended, we thought of going back to Chamang Waterfall again. However, before we move on to the waterfall, n00bs sekalian were hungry!!! Seeing the animals got fed so well, so we shouldn't be mistreating ourselves, right??? Head back to the town and had some malay cuisine.

After makan, we went back to Chamang Waterfall again.. This time all of us came out wet... the water was freaking cold!!!! Okay, I'll let the pictures do the talking now....Enjoy! :)

All the n00bs... blocking the fall!! It was really strong!

[Left to Right] Carol, Suanie, Chris aka Chocolate Starfish... LOL!!!

KY with his zen-ness... meditating BUT FAILED!

After all, we went home happily and had fun with the walkie-talkie... lol :D The day ended with a pleasant dinner and lots more laughter... Chocolate Starfish! LOL :D

Cheers ppl, hope you enjoy reading too! mwahhhh...

All pictures are from KY, Dree, Chris' camera... Ya lor, I dun have a camera yet... saving saving!! :(