Monday, May 26, 2008

Insect Eating Mission - Accomplished!

When I was at Bangkok, we had great bargain shopping and fun trip but I missed The Insect Eating Mission!! (okay, I know there is no update on my Bangkok Trip cos I dun really know where to start!) I was kinda disappointed actually and complaint to KY. He laughed and called me "no0b" for not trying it! Ya, evil BUT he came up with an idea to have a insects cookout session at home after that (Kim also complaint that he didn't bring some back for her)!!! I was so excited and bugged him to do it fast! Lucky me and Kim! NOW WE HAVE THE CHANCE :D

On this simple afternoon called "twenty-4 may I eat you?!"

"Jom, let's pergi shopping!" said KY.
"HUH??! I'm going Pavilion la.." I replied.
"We need to buy the ingredients and insects! Later they are coming d." the KY said.
The M-A-G-I-C word - INSECTS! Instantly, I called my uncle to cancel our appointment! :)
I was also told that Kim, Su Ann, Terrence, Sammy, Dree, ST and spongeFox are coming at 5pm.

After my shower, we left home and got some ingredients (spice, cucumber, pepper etc) at Gaint then to "Aquarium Wang Wang" at Sunway to pick up the VVIPs - worms & crikets. Syok-nya, in the same car with VVIPs!! Lol :D

Okay, talk less crap, here is our fehmes video took!

That special dish, seriously Yummy! We are all happy people!;) For more pictures, click here.

EDIT:: I'm still waiting for KY to pass me the video where I ate the worms and crickets RAW!! Will update!


KY said...


Anonymous said...

i go tell kor-kor u eat cacing!! hahaha... kidding nia lah. it looked like you were eating chips. really that yummy?! Aiyehhh..i doubt if i have the gut to try it, no no no...


Rachying said...

KY: BESTnya let's have it for xmas eve! :)

Jipunabor: I doubt that she will say anything, mayb just feel disgust. I tasted like french fries.
Do you know that these insects have protein?!

Simon Seow said...

Why KY so slow. Where's the RAW stuff?

Rachying said...

Simon: Ya lor.. I wanna post also cannot! KY, do you hear that?!