Friday, May 16, 2008

My 1st Passport

Some of you may have a passport since small, but for me, it's my 1st passport. My 1st trip oversea was so near yet passed the border of Malaysia, Hatyai! It was 1 week family trip there so all of us registered under 1 temporary group passport. Papa tortoise always tell us, "IF you want to travel oversea, work hard and earn more money. You will get to go and you will enjoy it even more! cos you fight for wat you wish or like to do"


Due to the upcoming company trip to Bangkok, I will need 1 passport myself to take off with my fellow colleagues. So yesterday, I took a day off from work to visit the Malaysia Immigration Office. It was pretty tiring to get up at 6am as I had so much work to deal with till late night but at the same time I was a lil excited cos I CAN HAVE MY OWN PASSPORT!!! :D

Previously, I told papa tortoise that I can do it on my own if he is not free but he insisted that I can't do it myself cos I'm still underage (got cheated.. cos legal age in Malaysia is 18!). A day before, I called up and asked papa tortoise to confirm and make sure he knows the way. Papa tortoise was so happy and told me that he could test out his new bought Nokia N95's GPS system and he answered full of confidence "sure, sure can reach 1! I'll just set my GPS."


Early in the morning, I gave papa tortoise a morning call so that we can go and leave early to avoid the jam. But why would it take from 8am to 4pm (- 1 hour lunch, -2 hours at Taylors' course enquiry) just to get a passport done after gov actually improved the services?! Interesting, funny yet stupid story... we were 3 hours on the road looking for the right way to the immigration office using Nokia N95's GPS System which almost lead to an argument!!!

  1. My place isn't that far from Subang.
  2. Maybe papa tortoise's GPS system is "sot sot" d n he messed up with it...
  3. We are from the tortoise clan so it took us some time to understand the instructions, especially when it comes to the intersection part!
  4. ................

Yaya... We are tortoise!!!! After a while I gave up and said " WHY NOT WE JUST GO TO TAYLORS, park there AND TAKE A CAB?!" Okay, papa tortoise agreed but it's gonna cost us RM30!!!!! I think it's EXPENSIVE!!! So finally I called up my "savior - KY Jelly" and he did direct papa tortoise to the place...



P/S: Let me go consult someone on the picture posting then I will come back with pictures:)

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