Friday, May 16, 2008

"Wanna be quiet" Day

After a long day...too tired..

Too many thoughts going through your mind...

Memories flash backs...

Just wanna be 1 weirdo...etc.

Sometime on someday, you just want to be so quiet without talking to anybody... "PEACE of mind" may be the right way to say. It's not about being emo but you just dun feel like talking... NOT AT ALL. When this happen to me, the best I could do was giving short answer reply or a smile :)

Back home, I would go to the beach and enjoy the breeze. The feeling is just too great, can't explain it with words.Ever since I'm away from home, Mr. Music will be my one and only company.

Bye Bye.... Shhhhh...

EDIT:: Actually, I hate to be alone. Even when i'm quiet, still i don't want to be alone. But, I guess there will be nobody who wants to be out for hours and yet be will be weird for them cos usually i'm noisy i guess?! Oh yes, I'm noisy, can be hyperactive too sometimes... :)

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