Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Tortoise went to Pahang

Last week was really hectic... my life was on the roller coaster!! So many things happened together but now I feel a lil bit better after a trip to Pahang with the n00Bs and went back to hometown *home sweet home* for my weekend.

Previously, all my n00bs and I were planning for a day trip to somewhere near just to chill during May 1st, Labour Day since our Phuket trip is no longer on. Few week before, Suanie did suggest that all of us can make a trip to Kuala Gandah's Elephant Sanctuary (suggested by Happy Yen da happy hiking guide) however not much of the n00bs can make it so it was postponed till last Thursday.

All of us woke up early and started our trip with Dim Sum nearby. A trip with these n00bs will never be boring, the fun and laughter just won't stop.

N00bs makan Dim Sum with blurry face... ;)

Look at KY's n00b face!! Love Sammy's shirt... :D

After breakfast, all 9 n00Bs drove down to Pahang. Our first destination was Chamang Waterfall. Our first impression to it was "WOOW! It beautiful!" Okay, at least it was for me... All the n00bs got down and climb up to have a better view of the waterfall... The waterfall's flow was heavy and quick, there was a warning sign saying "DANGER! Do not swim!" Many families were there with us at Chamang Waterfall too... The water was so cold even with the hot and humid climax lately.

Beautiful Chamang Waterfall... Baby Tortoise likey :)

Visitors and the n00bs at Chamang Waterfall

N00bs Dree, Kim and me hiding while crossing the hanging bridge...

Look at Dree... Nescafe Panas;) lol!

[Left to Right] Kim, Me, Sammy :)

Around 11.30am, we say goodbye to Chamang Waterfall and head towards Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. It was a bit disappointing for not making it as the first 100 visitors else we could have the chance to ride and bath with the baby elephants! ! Since we were there already so might as well just walk around and have a look. We saw 2 baby elephants on our way to the performance site. Snap, snap a lil and Kim complaint about the hot weather. All the n00bs then go for refreshment (ice cream, drinks etc). What's amazing was we had music as our company as Suanie brought along her mini USB speaker. Other passerby were wondering where the music came from as we were singing ;D Haha... jealous and envy! It was really hot! After awhile we decided to skip the elephant show and moved on with Deerland. We will visit the elephants again next time since it's not too far away from KL. :D

The baby elephant stick out its trunk... for more attention?

Pre-performance actions?! or something else.... ;)

The elephants doing their own things...

All the n00bs who went... [Clockwise] Chris, Sammy, KY, Dree, ST, Suanie, Kim, Carol, Me ;)

When the n00bs were bored... Walking off after some ice cream :)

So off we go to the Deerland nearby. There we saw some other animals other than deers. Started off with deer feeding (they eat sweet potatoes! didn't know that before). Then the hedgehog, it was only 3 months old according to our guide. We saw sugar gliders, some beautiful birds, Mr. Moose who don't give a damn bout us, rabbits, baby honey bear, ostriches etc. The guide asked to follow him to see Muda, the bigger honey bear as it's his makan-ing (feeding) time. Muda loves sweet keropok (crackers). He will just lay down and relax his meal. The guide allowed us to go near Muda and fed him. First thing most of the n00bs noticed was the bear has a tiny wiener!!! Hahaha... i will show some pictures, you see yourself! :D

Sugar glider & Hedgehog... cute right?! :)

My deer trying to kiss me!!! or in another way? :)

The ostriches are strong! Remember to hold the it tight when you feed them!!

TaaaDaahh... This is Muda da bear laying down enjoy his crackers... notice the tiny winy wiener?! LOL ;D

Ok Byez to Deerland :) we will remember you MUDA!

Look at Kim!!! What pose you're trying to do? ;)

It was still early to go home when the Deerland trip ended, we thought of going back to Chamang Waterfall again. However, before we move on to the waterfall, n00bs sekalian were hungry!!! Seeing the animals got fed so well, so we shouldn't be mistreating ourselves, right??? Head back to the town and had some malay cuisine.

After makan, we went back to Chamang Waterfall again.. This time all of us came out wet... the water was freaking cold!!!! Okay, I'll let the pictures do the talking now....Enjoy! :)

All the n00bs... blocking the fall!! It was really strong!

[Left to Right] Carol, Suanie, Chris aka Chocolate Starfish... LOL!!!

KY with his zen-ness... meditating BUT FAILED!

After all, we went home happily and had fun with the walkie-talkie... lol :D The day ended with a pleasant dinner and lots more laughter... Chocolate Starfish! LOL :D

Cheers ppl, hope you enjoy reading too! mwahhhh...

All pictures are from KY, Dree, Chris' camera... Ya lor, I dun have a camera yet... saving saving!! :(

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