Friday, May 16, 2008

If you fall, get up again...

When I was just a lil tortoise, papa tortoise was always on my side. With his unlimited care, love and patience, I was pretty rebellious and love to take things for granted sometimes (grumble too much sometimes). As for mama tortoise, she was the scary MONSTER.

I believed that many kids will have this kinda jealousy thought. Whenever Mama tortoise treats my tortoise brothers with special attention, naturally jealousy and hatred grew in me. I always questioned myself "why can't mama love me more?" and lots more. Years of battle and cold wars with mama tortoise, I always hope that she would stop and get tired of it.

Now, I'm glad that I was brought up in papa tortoise's way. Since young, I was asked to do most of the things myself. Papa tortoise told me this before - "If you fall, get up again. Never look down yourself. " which is still fresh in mind. I may not be as brave as Hercules but I'm definitely braver than many ppl.

To be Continue... Stay Tune!

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