Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Mini Escape No.2

UPDATES For "My Mini Escape" post::

Lol... I didn't manage to get much opinion from people (cos i'm not famous) but I did some research and also a bit planning for myself recently. So below are wat I came up with... Still undecided as many dates are not confirmed...

1. Redang Island? Lang Tengah Island? Perhentian Island?
- I haven't decide which island to go yet
- Still looking for budget package
- Waiting for my girlfriend's reply (she is still stuck in Paris!)
- Still at the mid of discussion with my girlfriend

UPDATE: the girlfriend can't make it... Neeeehhhh!! :( Anyone wants to go?!

2. Cambodia?
- A friend is there and he agreed to let me stay in his apartment (1 extra room which is EMPTY)
- Got a few friends there
- An oversea trip for sight-seeing... save money, dun have to spend so much.

3. Vietnam?
- Still waiting for a confirmation from a girlfriend :)

Where shall I head to?! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Insect Eating Mission - Accomplished!

When I was at Bangkok, we had great bargain shopping and fun trip but I missed The Insect Eating Mission!! (okay, I know there is no update on my Bangkok Trip cos I dun really know where to start!) I was kinda disappointed actually and complaint to KY. He laughed and called me "no0b" for not trying it! Ya, evil BUT he came up with an idea to have a insects cookout session at home after that (Kim also complaint that he didn't bring some back for her)!!! I was so excited and bugged him to do it fast! Lucky me and Kim! NOW WE HAVE THE CHANCE :D

On this simple afternoon called "twenty-4 may I eat you?!"

"Jom, let's pergi shopping!" said KY.
"HUH??! I'm going Pavilion la.." I replied.
"We need to buy the ingredients and insects! Later they are coming d." the KY said.
The M-A-G-I-C word - INSECTS! Instantly, I called my uncle to cancel our appointment! :)
I was also told that Kim, Su Ann, Terrence, Sammy, Dree, ST and spongeFox are coming at 5pm.

After my shower, we left home and got some ingredients (spice, cucumber, pepper etc) at Gaint then to "Aquarium Wang Wang" at Sunway to pick up the VVIPs - worms & crikets. Syok-nya, in the same car with VVIPs!! Lol :D

Okay, talk less crap, here is our fehmes video took!

That special dish, seriously Yummy! We are all happy people!;) For more pictures, click here.

EDIT:: I'm still waiting for KY to pass me the video where I ate the worms and crickets RAW!! Will update!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Mini Escape

This has been in my mind since few months back but till now I haven't got an answer to it. Where shall I go for "My Mini Escape" trip in July before I'm back to books?

What's in my mind:

  1. Malaysia or countries nearby
  2. Island + Beach, preferably
  3. I want to be out of the city
  4. I don't have to rush, do whatever I want
  5. Safe to go alone or 2-3 friends, small group
  6. Duration: 2-3 nights stay
  7. Budget trip (max RM600.)
** I'll update it if there is more thoughts.

EDIT:: I've been to Pulau Pangkor, Langkawi...

Feel free to leave down your comments and list down the place I should go (+ why I should go there?)

Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Everybody!

From Wordpress I migrated to Blogspot...
(so i can make use of my Nuffnang ma...)

I know this page looks bit too simple and dull...

I will work on this and will update soon!

Las week was very much holiday mood still...

I really miss Bangkok!

Now back to work also a bit like kura-kura...

(What m i talking about?! I'm wat.. ;))

Please be patient... :)

Bare with me okay?!

I luv <3 you all :)


Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying off to Bangkok!

Elo people!!! I'm so excited for tomorrow's Bangkok Trip!

I'm gonna get my 1st passport chopped officially!!

Got my stuff packed!

Changed Thai Bht!

Ready to go for a shopping spree, night life and yummy food!!! *yum yum*

I'm super happy!!!!


When I'm back home, shall update this blog with more pictures!!

Love you people.... mwahhhh!!

Hopefully I won't get conned...

Baby Tortoise went to Pahang

Last week was really hectic... my life was on the roller coaster!! So many things happened together but now I feel a lil bit better after a trip to Pahang with the n00Bs and went back to hometown *home sweet home* for my weekend.

Previously, all my n00bs and I were planning for a day trip to somewhere near just to chill during May 1st, Labour Day since our Phuket trip is no longer on. Few week before, Suanie did suggest that all of us can make a trip to Kuala Gandah's Elephant Sanctuary (suggested by Happy Yen da happy hiking guide) however not much of the n00bs can make it so it was postponed till last Thursday.

All of us woke up early and started our trip with Dim Sum nearby. A trip with these n00bs will never be boring, the fun and laughter just won't stop.

N00bs makan Dim Sum with blurry face... ;)

Look at KY's n00b face!! Love Sammy's shirt... :D

After breakfast, all 9 n00Bs drove down to Pahang. Our first destination was Chamang Waterfall. Our first impression to it was "WOOW! It beautiful!" Okay, at least it was for me... All the n00bs got down and climb up to have a better view of the waterfall... The waterfall's flow was heavy and quick, there was a warning sign saying "DANGER! Do not swim!" Many families were there with us at Chamang Waterfall too... The water was so cold even with the hot and humid climax lately.

Beautiful Chamang Waterfall... Baby Tortoise likey :)

Visitors and the n00bs at Chamang Waterfall

N00bs Dree, Kim and me hiding while crossing the hanging bridge...

Look at Dree... Nescafe Panas;) lol!

[Left to Right] Kim, Me, Sammy :)

Around 11.30am, we say goodbye to Chamang Waterfall and head towards Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. It was a bit disappointing for not making it as the first 100 visitors else we could have the chance to ride and bath with the baby elephants! ! Since we were there already so might as well just walk around and have a look. We saw 2 baby elephants on our way to the performance site. Snap, snap a lil and Kim complaint about the hot weather. All the n00bs then go for refreshment (ice cream, drinks etc). What's amazing was we had music as our company as Suanie brought along her mini USB speaker. Other passerby were wondering where the music came from as we were singing ;D Haha... jealous and envy! It was really hot! After awhile we decided to skip the elephant show and moved on with Deerland. We will visit the elephants again next time since it's not too far away from KL. :D

The baby elephant stick out its trunk... for more attention?

Pre-performance actions?! or something else.... ;)

The elephants doing their own things...

All the n00bs who went... [Clockwise] Chris, Sammy, KY, Dree, ST, Suanie, Kim, Carol, Me ;)

When the n00bs were bored... Walking off after some ice cream :)

So off we go to the Deerland nearby. There we saw some other animals other than deers. Started off with deer feeding (they eat sweet potatoes! didn't know that before). Then the hedgehog, it was only 3 months old according to our guide. We saw sugar gliders, some beautiful birds, Mr. Moose who don't give a damn bout us, rabbits, baby honey bear, ostriches etc. The guide asked to follow him to see Muda, the bigger honey bear as it's his makan-ing (feeding) time. Muda loves sweet keropok (crackers). He will just lay down and relax his meal. The guide allowed us to go near Muda and fed him. First thing most of the n00bs noticed was the bear has a tiny wiener!!! Hahaha... i will show some pictures, you see yourself! :D

Sugar glider & Hedgehog... cute right?! :)

My deer trying to kiss me!!! or in another way? :)

The ostriches are strong! Remember to hold the it tight when you feed them!!

TaaaDaahh... This is Muda da bear laying down enjoy his crackers... notice the tiny winy wiener?! LOL ;D

Ok Byez to Deerland :) we will remember you MUDA!

Look at Kim!!! What pose you're trying to do? ;)

It was still early to go home when the Deerland trip ended, we thought of going back to Chamang Waterfall again. However, before we move on to the waterfall, n00bs sekalian were hungry!!! Seeing the animals got fed so well, so we shouldn't be mistreating ourselves, right??? Head back to the town and had some malay cuisine.

After makan, we went back to Chamang Waterfall again.. This time all of us came out wet... the water was freaking cold!!!! Okay, I'll let the pictures do the talking now....Enjoy! :)

All the n00bs... blocking the fall!! It was really strong!

[Left to Right] Carol, Suanie, Chris aka Chocolate Starfish... LOL!!!

KY with his zen-ness... meditating BUT FAILED!

After all, we went home happily and had fun with the walkie-talkie... lol :D The day ended with a pleasant dinner and lots more laughter... Chocolate Starfish! LOL :D

Cheers ppl, hope you enjoy reading too! mwahhhh...

All pictures are from KY, Dree, Chris' camera... Ya lor, I dun have a camera yet... saving saving!! :(

Hot .Omelette.Toast

OMG!!! Please help me!!!

The weather is so HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!!

I can't even sleep!

Help me please! I wanna have a pool and jump in now!

*jump in the pool...syok-nya* (my imagination)

Stupid weather... when you're supposed to rain you don't!

I'm so H.O.T (Hot Omelette Toast) now!

When you're supposed to be hot so that our clothes get dry, but RAIN pour like nobody business!!

Ish... geram! :@ I'M SO FREAKING HOT!!

p/s: My post title makes me feel bit hungry... breakfast?! :D

My 1st Passport

Some of you may have a passport since small, but for me, it's my 1st passport. My 1st trip oversea was so near yet passed the border of Malaysia, Hatyai! It was 1 week family trip there so all of us registered under 1 temporary group passport. Papa tortoise always tell us, "IF you want to travel oversea, work hard and earn more money. You will get to go and you will enjoy it even more! cos you fight for wat you wish or like to do"


Due to the upcoming company trip to Bangkok, I will need 1 passport myself to take off with my fellow colleagues. So yesterday, I took a day off from work to visit the Malaysia Immigration Office. It was pretty tiring to get up at 6am as I had so much work to deal with till late night but at the same time I was a lil excited cos I CAN HAVE MY OWN PASSPORT!!! :D

Previously, I told papa tortoise that I can do it on my own if he is not free but he insisted that I can't do it myself cos I'm still underage (got cheated.. cos legal age in Malaysia is 18!). A day before, I called up and asked papa tortoise to confirm and make sure he knows the way. Papa tortoise was so happy and told me that he could test out his new bought Nokia N95's GPS system and he answered full of confidence "sure, sure can reach 1! I'll just set my GPS."


Early in the morning, I gave papa tortoise a morning call so that we can go and leave early to avoid the jam. But why would it take from 8am to 4pm (- 1 hour lunch, -2 hours at Taylors' course enquiry) just to get a passport done after gov actually improved the services?! Interesting, funny yet stupid story... we were 3 hours on the road looking for the right way to the immigration office using Nokia N95's GPS System which almost lead to an argument!!!

  1. My place isn't that far from Subang.
  2. Maybe papa tortoise's GPS system is "sot sot" d n he messed up with it...
  3. We are from the tortoise clan so it took us some time to understand the instructions, especially when it comes to the intersection part!
  4. ................

Yaya... We are tortoise!!!! After a while I gave up and said " WHY NOT WE JUST GO TO TAYLORS, park there AND TAKE A CAB?!" Okay, papa tortoise agreed but it's gonna cost us RM30!!!!! I think it's EXPENSIVE!!! So finally I called up my "savior - KY Jelly" and he did direct papa tortoise to the place...



P/S: Let me go consult someone on the picture posting then I will come back with pictures:)


"Hey, u wanna have Char Siew Fan (de roasted honey pork) ar? Guess wat I'm having now?" Suan msn-ed me.

"......Char Siew Fan from Aman Suria?"

"Hello, hey do u wanna have Aman Suria's Char Siew Fan??" I asked Suan.

Later on that weekend....

"Wanna go have Char Siew Fan this weekend?" I asked:D

"Oh no, we just had it just now when u were busy at work." Suan replied with an evil laugh. :(


That was 3 weeks before I was craving for Char Siew Fan from Aman Suria but I just can't get it until Tuesday when my colleagues went out for lunch at Jalan Alor...I didn't follow cos was packed up with too much work. I was pretty stressed out with the work in hand and I missed out the chance for some good food... :( Boohoo...

Anyway, my colleague, Jimmy, came back with a pack of Jalan Alor Char Siew Fan. Knowing that I can eat a lot and I love food, not only he got me the juicy Char Siew but "Pak Cam Kai" de white steamed chicken. It's just me whenever I see food, I smile! :D It's also a treat from Mr. Jimmy... I offered to pay but he said is ok, he will treat me! Lagi syok (I'm even more HAPPY) !!! :D

Ya, I know there is no picture here but I really wanted to upload these pictures I took with my phone (since Tuesday!) but probably I'm just noob (or like Kim said kura-kura aka baby tortoise is bit slow... Give me some time, I'll try to ask around :D

Update again lor later... with pictures... Don't emo emo! :D

P/S: I actually wrote this post on Wednesday.. Stupid picture lo :(

EDIT:: Here is the pictures of the yummy Jalan Alor's Char Siew + Steamed Chicken Rice!!

The Char Siew Fan + Steamed Chicken Rice

"Wanna be quiet" Day

After a long day...too tired..

Too many thoughts going through your mind...

Memories flash backs...

Just wanna be 1 weirdo...etc.

Sometime on someday, you just want to be so quiet without talking to anybody... "PEACE of mind" may be the right way to say. It's not about being emo but you just dun feel like talking... NOT AT ALL. When this happen to me, the best I could do was giving short answer reply or a smile :)

Back home, I would go to the beach and enjoy the breeze. The feeling is just too great, can't explain it with words.Ever since I'm away from home, Mr. Music will be my one and only company.

Bye Bye.... Shhhhh...

EDIT:: Actually, I hate to be alone. Even when i'm quiet, still i don't want to be alone. But, I guess there will be nobody who wants to be out for hours and yet be will be weird for them cos usually i'm noisy i guess?! Oh yes, I'm noisy, can be hyperactive too sometimes... :)


After all night long doing it, now crisis happened!

Emoooo... :(

Sigh... I really hate mistakes!

Just 1 bloody small mistake is still M.I.S.T.A.K.E.


I really hope everything will be fine till the end!

By 2pm, we'll know!

Hang to death or penalty or Free to go?

EDIT:: Phewww... my life is safe!:)

AND i'm not emo anymore cos i had KFC for lunch!

Always 'It's Finger Lickin' GOooOd!'

What do you think?

Sometimes I wonder where will I be in 10 years time?

Someone successful or still the same person?

What kinda achievement will I achieve by then?

The sense of achievement is always there. With it, it makes one a better person (from my point of view).

Determination is another thing that push a person further...

Just like me a baby tortoise, I always wonder why other animal can move so fast to hunt for their desire... Yes, no doubt that I'm a slow animal but I also know that with the strong determination I would be someone successful 1 day.

There are so many things I really wanna achieve in life but you will get tired at one point and feel like giving up. We can't set our mind like wat human did to Robots...

I feel that there is always reasons for us to work hard on something... yes, for our own benefits and own good. At this point, you maybe shouting and grumbling cos of the amount of work load, stress, tiredness etc... swear and wat so ever. Till the end of the day looking back wat we have achieved, you will feel good... okay, at least I do feel proud of myself.

If you fall, get up again...

When I was just a lil tortoise, papa tortoise was always on my side. With his unlimited care, love and patience, I was pretty rebellious and love to take things for granted sometimes (grumble too much sometimes). As for mama tortoise, she was the scary MONSTER.

I believed that many kids will have this kinda jealousy thought. Whenever Mama tortoise treats my tortoise brothers with special attention, naturally jealousy and hatred grew in me. I always questioned myself "why can't mama love me more?" and lots more. Years of battle and cold wars with mama tortoise, I always hope that she would stop and get tired of it.

Now, I'm glad that I was brought up in papa tortoise's way. Since young, I was asked to do most of the things myself. Papa tortoise told me this before - "If you fall, get up again. Never look down yourself. " which is still fresh in mind. I may not be as brave as Hercules but I'm definitely braver than many ppl.

To be Continue... Stay Tune!

The Tortoise Land

Thinking back, I have few blogs which were used to express myself. All of them were kept private like a dairy (n to some ppl who are close to share with) but all deleted now cos i was too emo, full of crappy no self-discipline to keep it updated. Now, I decided to come back and write more to keep track of my life, I should have my ancestors' 'never-give-up' spirit in me. Probably 100 years later, I can still read my stories to my cucu-cicit kura kura again.

I'm a baby tortoise now but i'm sure as time flies I'll be a wiser tortoise.

well, we will see how long this blog will last...

See you again!