Friday, May 23, 2008

My Mini Escape

This has been in my mind since few months back but till now I haven't got an answer to it. Where shall I go for "My Mini Escape" trip in July before I'm back to books?

What's in my mind:

  1. Malaysia or countries nearby
  2. Island + Beach, preferably
  3. I want to be out of the city
  4. I don't have to rush, do whatever I want
  5. Safe to go alone or 2-3 friends, small group
  6. Duration: 2-3 nights stay
  7. Budget trip (max RM600.)
** I'll update it if there is more thoughts.

EDIT:: I've been to Pulau Pangkor, Langkawi...

Feel free to leave down your comments and list down the place I should go (+ why I should go there?)

Thanks :)


Dabido said...

Well, to save you going to the beach and to save money, you could swim to Australia, it's a nearby country. ;-)

I'm sure you can make it in the three days if you don't stop swimming, and bring two or three friends to make sure the sharks & crocodiles have other targets to eat. :-)

It should be an adventure! :-)

KY said...

cameron highland.

KY said...

wtf needs approval? this might be my last comment. lol

Rachying said...

Dab: Haha...SWIM?? I don't think I can reach Australia then...
Of course, I would love to visit the some day. Not now, will let u know...

KY: Cameron Highland... Haha for strawberry I would but 3 days???
p/s: I forgot to do the setting! Now doesn't need any approval d!