Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Corbis Futsal Cup 2008

Usually during weekends, I will just spend my time watching DVDs at home... ya, I'm so lazy that I will just tar pau some food nearby and eat in front of the TV set (very sad huh?! I don't think so...). Last Saturday was a lil bit different! I went to Corbis Futsal Cup 2008 - an inter agency futsal competition by Corbis at Sports Planet, Subang Grand... AT 8.30AM!! Well, just to give "Some Playing Futball Dudes" a lil support.

The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" getting ready

The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" + 1 more on the way - before the battle

This is my 1st time attending this event and it's also the first time "Some Playing Futball Dudes" joined this competition. I was kinda surprised that quite a number of people were already in their "army" suits and preparing to start the "battle".
There were a total of 24 teams will be down to the battleground!! Semangat-nya! :D


Met this bubbly girl, Alison from Corbis. She came over to say "Hi", told us to get ourselves registered and wish the team good luck!! Upon registration, each and every of us will get a goodie bag... My breakfast - a pack of Cheezels from the goodie bag...
(p/s: Will update you what's in the goodie bag!)

Soldiers from different "clans" gathered together for briefing session

Briefing session with the referees

Around 10.00AM, the game got started after the briefing session with the referees.
"Some Playing Futball Dudes" started their battle with "Ogilvy FC"- Netherlands. It was a very fast game and being the newbies, the boys got a lil "kan cheong" (panic attack) ... Ogilvy FC won with 2 - 0.

"Eh! Where is the bola?! Where?"

"Taaadahhh! See I got the ball! *kick*

While waiting for the 2nd game, the "Commander" came. "So how, boys?!" ask the Commander. His question was answered with smiles from the boys. "Well, fair enough. It's the 1st time and you guys need to start planning and get prepared for next year." "Yes, Sir!" answered the dudes.

The "Commander" & "Some Playing Futball Dudes" watching other teams battling

The battle continued and "Some Playing Futball Dudes" VS "LBFC". The "Some Playing Futball Dudes" labeled "LBFC as das Deutschland as they are kinda strong team. Same like Ogilvy FC, they have been training as a team consistently... In the end, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" lost to "LBFC" das Deutschland by 3 - 0. The dudes will need to catch up and get the balls kicking.

Hahhh... you wanna score goal? I wanna block you!! :)

Hahaha... Resting or getting ready to kick their balls?! ;P

Observing and waiting for their last round against "The Misfits"

Last but not least, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" VS "The Misfits" le France. Well after losing the first 2 games, "Some Playing Futball Dudes" finally went in with "TODAY WE'LL DIE IN HELL" spirit - from the movie 300. Hahaha... well seriously, they played better and won by 2 - 0.

The dudes playing some strategies to keep the enemy away!

"Wahhh!! Don't pray pray!! We need to score more goals... Now 1 jug not enough!!"

After the the battle to qualify, here come the Cheerleading performance by O&M. Hehe.. Talk less, let the pictures tell you the story... Use your imagination too... Blek!

The O&M Cheerleaders & Ogilvy FC dudes

"1, 2, 3, 4...C'mon and shake with me!" :D

"Come let's make some shape and make them scream!" lolx

Pose, Pose & pose!!! weeee!

After finish watching the qualifying round, I felt hungry still after eating the lunchbox provided, plus a bit sleepy (major factor)... So left around 2ish while others stayed and waited for the result. Saya nak balik tido! (I wanna go home to sleep!)

Buh-bye! :) hehe... no picture of me cos I was the one and only photographer they have!


Yatz said...

i only love the last 2 pics

Rachying said...

yatz: hahaha... if you're there... habis! I would say they are hot too! =)

Dabido said...

Football, cheerleaders! Only thing it needs is PIZZA! :-)

Rachying said...

Dab: Yeah! Cheerleaders but no Coke, no pizza! Our Lunch Box only have Bee Hoon + Egg + Sausages...

zewt said...

wooaah... cheerleaders pun ada...

Rachying said...

zewt: pretty cheerleaders! =)

Simon Seow said...

You changed your template?

Rachying said...

Simon: I didn't change any template..