Monday, June 2, 2008

Hennessy Artistry The Global Art of Mixing @ Aloha

Yes! I attended the Hennessy Artistry Tour 2008 at Aloha last Saturday, 31st May. This is the 2nd Hennessy Artistry Global Tour I went in Year 2008, this event was previously held at Zouk on 18th April. Thanks for the VIP invites from Nicholas of Nuffnang! All the noobs had fun there!

On that night, they had Pamela (from Amazing Race Asia Season 2) as MC of the night. Of course, PointBlanc was first to kick of the party followed by Bangkok Invaders and VJ Callen. Personally, Bangkok Invaders was my favourite of the night (I still have a lil support for the locals!). They really rock!!! A little about my last visit to Bangkok, I was there when Bangkok Invaders was performing at this club called Route66, RCA! I enjoyed it so much... like Happy Feet?! Hahaha... It just like adrenaline rush, suddenly you became so hyperactive and can't stop moving!!

Other than the performance, of course there were whole bunch of us there together up at the 3rd floor enjoying the free flow Hennessy City Cocktails - Miami, Shanghai, Paris, Moscow. Here are the pictures from various people! Enjoy!

Michael, Steph, KY, Me, Steph Kok, Simon

Us with PointBlanc

Me, KY, Nicholas, Dree

Camwhores with Fugly Ugly faces :)

Me, Nicholas & Steph + Michael de Guang Kong (super red face) behind!! ;)

** A reminder from KY, Thanks!

On that night, since it was a free flow of course all of us enjoyed it to the fullest... I could say that Steph K enjoyed it the M-O-S-T ;) Okay, to be fair she was there early than most of us and some of our friends (Mummy taught us not to take strangers drinks) kept bringing back more drinks for everyone...
After a while, Steph came to me a few times and told me "I'm so H-I-G-H now! Hahaha...". Later on I went to the ladies, Steph was in there. "Hey!" coming to give a hug but she just went down suddenly!!

I got special treatment from our lovely Princess Steph... ;)
Guess wat it is?

P/s: KY, you're not allowed to guess cos you knew the answer!


KY said...

you forgot to write about how stephanie puked silly. :P

Rachying said...

KY: Thanks for reminding! Now i wanna update! hahaha ;)

princess mie said...

ish! ky u sudup ar .. lol .. u sudah tau tau semua dun potong stim ..

but i dun remember wad i did ler rach

Dabido said...

Just what I needed to read about when I'm feeling sick! lol I might follow in Stephanies footsteps! Make way!

Simon Seow said...

She either puked on Rach or kissed Rach.

Rachying said...

Princess Mie: Of Course KY cannot guess! cos he knew when I found out about it!

Dab: got better from sick? =) Take care!

Simon: I hate if ppl puke on me! I will slap that person! =) Kiss from her...Anytime *wink*