Monday, June 9, 2008

It's My L.U.C.K.Y Day!

Over the weekend, I have so much thoughts running through my mind lately...
I hate the fact that I'm too free, got nothing else better to do... That's when all the thoughts come! Too much until I started questioning myself, have doubts on my own capabilities and decision. I hate to make decision cos I'm afraid that it might go wrong and it may not turn out in the way I wanted it to be.
If you do read this blog, you will know that I'm beginning my studies by end of July...
After 2 years, where will I be? Kick start my career in an agency / company and achieve what I want in life? or just go on like everybody else like "You will have to work for the rest of your life".

Well, long way to go... I dun wanna think about it anymore now because until the end of today, I'm still a happy and lucky girl cos I know there I will always have people who really cares for me.

  1. Mummy msged me and give me the support and encourage me... Thanks, Mummy!
  2. Received a call from my very close + good buddy who came all the way from Singapore to look for me during lunch, chit-chat a lil.
  3. After lunch, another friend of mine heard that I'm sad earlier, he sent me an "Ice-Cream Day" e-greeting card to cheer me up!!
  4. Then, it is another surprise call from my lovely cousin came down from Genting to see me and we had a fabulous dinner!
  5. Before I got yo reach home, I got a call from my group of babis to go yam cha at William's.
Don't you feel that I'm very lucky today?! I'm so glad that I always have these people around me, especially mummy!! I love all of them and of course others who really gave me the support when I in need of it! I appreciate all of you! It is very hard for me to express it in words but deep down my heart "I really love you all!"


Dabido said...

Some days if you're unsure where to go, just kick open a few doors and go where you think you want to go. You can always open a different door later, and a degree in anything will often open more doors than no qualifications at all.
In two years, you might be anywhere doing anything.
Take it from a guy who was abandoned on the streets of Sydney when he was 19y/o with nothing more than the clothes on his back. Now I pull a 6 figure income.
Now, get some rest. You'll need it for the exciting rest of your life. :-)

Rachying said...

Dab: Thank you! =) I will get my rest after July 4th after that kick start my studies! I will remember wat you said.