Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the Dark Alley

“Hey, ready? What you doing there?! Come here!”

“Wait, wait, wait!! Do we have to do this? Are you serious?”

“Don’t worry, I promise you’ll enjoy it and just relax, okay?”

“Really? But where are we going? And…”

“Jeees…! Just come with me!”

Suspicious stare from the moonlight and the clouds were whispering. Suddenly, a dark shadow passes by. Footsteps stopped and heartbeats getting louder than ever.

“What now?!” said an impatient voice.

“GOSH! Did you see that?”


“Something just passed by…” pointing to the opposite direction.

“Stop it! This is not funny… just stop freaking me out.”

“It’s a GORILLA!! I wonder where did it come from… who you think it is?”

“CUT!! What’s with the Gorilla?!” said the director with a serious face.

Everyone broke into laughter as they looked behind.

More updates soon on Nuffnang Wild "Live" Party with Maxis Broadband! See how everyone got so WILD!! =)


Sineu said...

Ghee..more parties. Who say life's too sien for you huh?

Dabido said...

WHo was that?
Don't tell me you forgot to shave your legs again!!!! :-)

Rachying said...

sineu: Hey i was at the party also bcos to help out a fren ma... see today euphoria got party i'm home!

dabido: I forgot Mr. Gorilla's name d! Hahaha... for sure it's not me if u notice the pictures on FB =)

Kinoko Land said...

hey, so nice partying, did u have fun there? i wish to be given a chance partying crazily again,but perhaps i wont feel the same any more ....

enochho said...

hi neighbor!

that gorilla looks wild :p

see ya!

Rachying said...

Kinoko Land: yeah, of course i had fun there.. who say mama can't party!? go with ur hubby!

Enochho: Hihi, neighby! You won't see me for few weeks! back in pg, see you then! regards to ur wifey n 2 lovely doggies =)