Friday, August 8, 2008

My 1st Day of Class

Wow... as I was typing that title above, I felt so irritated again!

Okay, can you imagine that when you have to travel so far with public transport early in the morning to go to class:

1) Then found out that all of you in the same class were wrongly informed about the class location?!

2) Waited there for the next 45mins while calling to the management office to reconfirm?!

3) No notice was given that class location was changed!

WONDERFUL isn't it?! Never mind... I've more to bitch about!!!

4) After going to the right class, the lecturer just look at us like 1 big group of useless students cos she tought that we skipped her class purposely!!

5) We were all shocked to know that the class actually started 1 week earlier without us knowing?! Very Good! *kiss my ass!*

6) So we practically missed 1st lecture + 45 mins of 2nd lecture!!!!

7)When we all explained it to her, she just said "OH, I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS! Well nvm, let's continue with the class... but for you people who came late, what is over is over....where was I just now?!"

8) Without even explain to us what she was doing or what we are about to learn... she just continued her lecturer like we never exist!

9) My programme is a 100% assignment based programme (writen in the brochure & was repeated again and again) but we were all told that we will need to sit for EXAM which carries 50% of our overall score!

How can this be?! RIGHT?!
Left us all in the dark!
DAMN IT! SO fucked up!
I'm so pissed with such situation on MY FIRST DAY!

So what you think bout this "said-to-be a prestigious" college??

P/S: We can't get any replacement class for the lecture we missed!!


Dabido said...

THat's because colleges think students are there to keep them making money rather than believe students are there to learn! :-)

Rachying said...

Dab: yea i think so... and we r pay not lil! =( so messed up management!

~ Thai Boxing Girl ~ said...

well looks like a case of petition in my pov!! i remembered when we were in college, we petitioned a lecturer out of her job because she simply refused to teach us in proper English (she was teaching in about 75% of BM and 25% in English)when 99% of the class are international students and 1% are locals who have never studied BM in their entire life.

well, its just a thought least to get back your replacement classes!!!

Anonymous said...

teruk loh this kolej, must tell the HR to arrange training programs for their staff lah... if i were you i pun veli beh syiok loh, i feel the way the lecturer cakap s very satu macam attitude, sombong. i hope you and classmates will get the replacement lecture back, very unfair lah. Tak boleh tahan their "lam-nua" working attitude. Shinjirarenai(unbelieveable)

Good luck :)

cousin sis C

Simon Seow said...

KL Metropolitan?

Anonymous said...

don't like? leave then.

marc said...

sounds suspiciously like my university lol. :)

ah well, it can only get better, right? ;)

linked you up, btw, hope you don't mind :)