Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes, I'm writing!

Well, main reason why I didn't update for so long is because - I'm too lazy and I have nothing to write about. Since I can't really sleep now (it is 4.38 am) might as well update you a lil bout myself.

I’ve actually stayed in this new city for 1 year and 3 months… It wasn’t easy in the beginning but I am very glad that the people (especially de noobs) I know here helped to make life much easier. I can still remember, last year’s birthday was very quiet (and lonely) as I was still new here. I was spending time alone at home watching dvd (it is still not working well till today) in the dark! However, it is totally different this year! I'm officially 21 and had a small BBQ party at home with some of my closest friends here.

What happened b4 the party was Mama Tortoise said: “Make sure you don’t have any alcohol ya?!” I was a lil worried too as Papa Tortoise will be coming too but later on I decided to talk to him bout it and glad that he is cool with it. Papa Tortoise was here and he drank with all of us! =) During the party, we talked and things got a lil emo (ya, I know some of you saw me crying like a baby!). What I can say is our family have been through a lot these years.

A small note to Papa Tortoise:

"You're always my Hero and you will always be..."
Nothing can be compared to what you have sacrificed and done for me.
Nothing can repay what you've gotten for me,
I can only say Thank You and I love you so much...
I hope I'll do you proud ONE day!
You're always my King and I'm your lil princess =)
Lots of love, Your girl =)

Another note to KY, Suanie, my slow-mo, ST, SpongeFox:

You guys really look after me like a younger sister…

I really appreciate it very much, Thanks!

Knowing all of you is a special gift from god.

Each of you has filled me with more laughter, fun, food etc. without fail!

Haha.. you guys also enjoy making fun of me!

(I know I’m slow and blur at times…)

With love, Kura-Kura <3

For others, if I didn’t mention your names here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you guys! I love each and every of you too! =) Thanks for what you’ve done for me and I really appreciate it. You know who you are! If I have to go on, this post will never have an ending! Plus, I don’t want to make this post too emo!

Okay now, you can enjoy some of the pictures! =)


Papa Tortoise & Kura-Kura =)


Kim with Sisi de dog and KY!


Ze Suan with the marinated lamb! =)


SpongeFox busy with d BBQ! Thanks! =)


My looking stressful yet HAWT Lucy Lui! I love you babe!


My lovely classmates =)


The machas! =)


Dabido said...

'if I didn’t mention your names here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you guys! I love each and every of you too! =)'

Yeah, she admitted she loved me! Yay! :-) [Kura Kura Gila GIla!] hee hee!

Rachying said...

Dab: lol... I'm speechless!

KY said...

suan looks so pro, so serious in her cooking!

Bryan said...

What a small world! What a small world!

Wanted to say hi in the previous post couple months ago but I thought you are abandoning this blog so did not do it. LoL...

Met with your dad in Penang last month to discuss about his new project but too bad I could not commit into it. Feel so sorry for not able to help him out.

Have any idea which Bryan is this? :p

Rachying said...

Bryan Soh? lol?! that's who i can think of...cos i'm sort of related to him and bout my dad, new project... ya, practically like that.. soo are u?!

Bryan said...

Yea, you got it right. :-)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

wake up 4am think of blog is ok. if wake up 4am looking for alcohol is big fucked up.