Friday, June 27, 2008

KICK 08 - 24 hrs Non-stop Endurance Fitness Kickboxing Challenge

Okay, I'm here to do a personal favour for a friend, Thai Boxing Girl who has been into Kickboxing for sometime... This time, she and her other 7 mates are so determined to set a Malaysian Book of Records at least and to RAISE some fund for Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Please give them your warmest support and/or help to raise the fund.

Below is a note from Thai Boxing Girl:

Dear Friends,

This August, me and my team-mate - 8 females, will be attempting a 24 hours non-stop endurance fitness kickboxing challenge for entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (MBOR) and possibly the GUINNESS World Book of Records, to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

The event is K!CK! 2008, formerly known as the "Jak Othman Kickboxing Challenge", a community-driven initiative spear-headed by the sole-proprietor establishment Jak Othman Kickboxing Studio introduced in 2004.

Objective is to to educate the public, especially our youths and ladies, the importance of engaging in intriguing and fun sports, such as fitness kickboxing, for a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle, while learning an effective self-defence technique.

Our team is made up of our youngest member, a 13 Secondary One student to our oldest member, a 30 years old working Mother (ME!!!), to challenge the 'impossible mission' of executing 57,200 kicks within 24 hours (average of 40 kicks/min) to break a new record in the books.

While, we, the determined and sporty ladies are pushing our physical limits and mental strengths to a new level, we are also targeting to raise RM25,000 for Breast Cancer Welfare Association, our Official Beneficiary, in support of its advocacy work.

As such, I would like to request for your support (media, corporate, or individual), via the following:

1. Pledge-A-Kick - Pledge RM10 for every kick our team-members will be kicking!

2. Public donation at event - one will receive a "KICK START" guidebook that provides basic crime awareness tips and defence techniques illustration for quick releases from offenders.

3. Pre-event media coverage to create awareness amongst the public and drive crowd to the event on:

Date: 29th & 30th August 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Time: 10am (29th Aug) to 2pm (30th Aug)
Venue: To be confirmed

Proposed Interview Angle:

An inspirational article to motivate youths and females to persevere in times of challenges, be it personal or professional, as well as creating awareness for Kickboxing as a form of effective self-defence sport.

On behalf of my team, we hope we can receive kind assistance from everyone to contribute to this charitable cause.

For further information and assistance, please contact me at

Thank you.
Thai Boxing Mama


I'll further update you guys on this if there is any further details changes or you can click here.


Picture of the Kickboxing girls who's gonna kick the ass! =)



Dabido said...

Very cute girls. Glad I have body guards like this to keep me safe in KL next time I am there. :"-)

Rachying said...

Dab: You might need to pay u know! Lolx.. pay for the service ;)But do you need one?

Dabido said...

Of course I need one. Think of all those girls who molested me last time. Some guys tried to pull them off me, but I fought the guys off bravely. :-)

Simon Seow said...

Of course I'll support TBG.

Dabido said...

Some bloggers update more than once a month. Some even more than once a year! :-)